RWP Communications Department: Party Chair Strikes Bold Path On Energy

Amid “significant“ increases of volunteers, and after a deliberately constructed and successfully effected surge has filled out the junior and middle level of party officers, RWparty Chair Mike Ricotta Jr. put forward an essentially pragmatic and (for all intents and purposes) entirely non-green energy program. “At a time like this, faced with challenges we have not yet even begun to appreciate the magnitude of, the one critical thing the California absolutely must have is an affordable, dependable, reliable, redundantly provided and safe source of energy.” “In other words,” said Mr. Ricotta “California absolutely must have coal power. Our energy program, designed to win California profits in a time of disaster, provide funds for a healthcare system for the people of California, focuses only on the Paramount questions of how do we get more power, and how do we get cheaper power. “As you can see in the proposal, our party realizes this does include a significant increase in our nuclear capacity. But it is the short term, dare I say, heroic increase in coal fired power that we can revolutionize both what we expect out of a public utility in California, and what we expect in terms of affordable energy in America.”

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