Battered, up! (Yes, I m speaking to you)

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

It's the bottom of the seventh sports fans: and in this game we don't have time to catch our breath, let alone stretch.

Ladies and gentlemen: we're here. We're chomping at the bit take to the field supporting our president, to support the MAGA Restoration in Southern California. And, right off the bat, let's be absolutely, explicitly clear -- we're not here to defend anything.

This team plays offense, folks, and we are going to bring the fight right back to the liberal maniacs whose demented policies have nearly killed us all.

We're not interested in doctrinaire conservative mumbling as they are defeated year in, year out on their way to the retirement home. We're asking them to take their platitudes with them before sitting down to banana pudding. We're in this for the long game, and we are playing to knock the Democrat Party right out of elected office throughout Southern California and straight into last year's news.

We're not interested in compromising with the Liberal. We will let the Liberal continue comprising itself.

What we're totally dedicated to doing is bringing common sense, roll-up-your-sleeves solutions back to sunny, glorious Southern California. Our sunny, glorious Southern California: the out-of-towner Bolsevik Left ( you know, the unwashed flunkies who have been rooting around your bushes lately ) is hereby given notice to get the hell off of our lawn. The only speech they are going to give that we are EVER going to listen to again is their concession speech -- and even then we're going to be pushing their sad, disheveled forms and voter fraud clear out of our neighborhoods.

In terms of the major leagues, we're totally dedicated to getting 45 on second base ( ensuring the re-election of Donald Trump is a life or death issue not only for you and your families but for these United States collectively ). In fact, we have a bigger play than that in mind. Since the Maoist-Personality Syndrome Democrats will stop at nothing to defeat us, hurt us and steal our things we need the one slugger we have batting for us--President Donald Trump, God save him--to stay on an extra inning. We're going to need to ask our President for a few more drives into Left Field before we allow him a supremely well earned retirement.

And even then we'll probably ask him back to coach.

Ladies and Gentlemen: we're here to save our neighborhoods and we're here, with deafening voices and cheers, to help President Trump power right across second an onto the third, running, so he can smash a Grand Slam for Our Uncle Sam.

Let that air horn sing, friend, time to get good people together.

We're the Rally West Party. To a person, we in the founding membership are all Golden State born and raised. Who are we? We're here to help you, we are here because we are you, to score a home run for the USA.


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