The Rally West Party advocates for pragmatic, real, and implementable solutions to the worsening crises before us by means of enhancing the power, scope, and continuity of the executive at every level of government.

We realize this is a clear departure in many respects from traditional emphases and foci in American history. Moreover, we freely acknowledge such a reorientation probably would not have occurred to someone living in 1795.


Neither would it have occurred to this hypothetical person to seek out the life saving services of a radiation oncologist if they fell ill to cancer or hire an IT consultant to expand their digital footprint on the web. People in 1795 had their own problems and their own answers for them.


People in the 2020s likewise have their Issues and solutions.


2020 is not 1795.


The 2020s present significant problems that requires significant new responses if we are to survive as a people and as a state. The Rally West Party is in favor of us surviving as a people and as a state and intends to do everything possible to ensure that outcome.