Life. Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness...

...but of them all, Life comes first.


California's last, best hope:

Baseball Players


One Team: Based on Life, Running Towards Hope

We do not need better times. 


What we need are people who are willing to make our times better.


The Rally West Part is viewed as right-wing, this is because the Rally West Party believes that order in society and government is preferable to chaos. However we do not call ourselves, nor do we allow others to call us, conservatives.


A conservative seeks to save things or to keep ideas from the past. The values that we hold dear—faith in the Goodness of God, faith in people as individuals and as collectives, faith in justice for our neighbors and for those who protect us—are as true and alive today as they were two thousand years ago. 


Our values are eternal; our values can save California.


The problems of the world today are all invasive: they challenge California night and day, summer and winter; they are problems equally for the old and young, for the wealthy and the struggling, and for every sexual orientation. Faced with such problems, we need a political party that operates year around. We need a political movement that cares about the people who support it, which helps people actively, which reaches out to everybody, not just to solicit donations when there’s another election cycle which never attempts to fix a single issue.


We’re interested in building a team to save our state from within our state. We are no longer willing to accept  strange and unsympathetic forces from outside California, whether they call themselves Republicans or Democrats, who seek only to use us to their own advantage before discarding us, telling us inside California what our issues are and what our priorities should be. We are no longer willing to be divided by people who don’t care about our state, our neighborhoods, or our shared common vision.


We do not need to make America, or California, great again. We do not need any transformational hope and change. All we need to to make these times, which we share together, better, is you. We need you—your personality, your ideas, your experience, and your beliefs—to help.